Adwords PMAX Strategy – ECommerce

A Strong Campaign Setup

Digital Marketing has shown immense growth over the past decade, with significant portion of total advertising budgets now allocated to digital channels. Just like we have seen growth financially and with greater understanding of industry trends, advertising tools have evolved in ways we can take advantage to enhance our marketing experience. Performance Max Campaigns is a feature that unveiled few years ago that has been a success when advertising in different placements such as: Youtube, Display, Search, Discover, Gmail and Maps. The sheet below is a detailed demonstration of a PMAX campaign for an activewear company that also sells scrubs.

The company has both Men’s and Women’s activewear and workwear, indicating that we would need to setup 4 individual Asset Groups with their respective links, images, headlines and descriptions, maximizing our efforts for best results. Sitelinks, Call Outs and Structured Snippets are essential to a well performing ad, leading for a call to action from the consumer.

Examples of some of the features can be also found in this strategy. Feel free to reach out if you have any questions or additional feedback. Lets Connect!

Disclaimer: Data shown above is a demonstration of a typical Ad setup for educational purposes. This information is not actual to the company’s execution of their advertising.

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